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Hire Us for Roof Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home from the elements. That means it’s protecting you from rain, wind, and debris, and as such is catching a lot of dirt and dust that hinder its appearance and negatively affect your curb appeal. Not to mention that excess dirt and mold buildup can deteriorate your roofing material, requiring expensive repairs. Take the preventative route and have your roof cleaned regularly by a professional roof cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ like Valley Pro Power Washing. We’ll give your roof the appropriate cleaning to ensure it not only looks great but is also prepared to last for years to come. Call us today to schedule service.

roof power washing

Completing Projects of All Sizes

You may be worried that using power washing to clean your roof could potentially damage it, but we’ll ensure that doesn’t happen. Depending on your roofing material, we can adjust the pressure accordingly, allowing for a thorough clean without causing any damage. We’re able to complete roof cleaning projects in Phoenix, AZ of all sizes. Whether you have a small, single-floor home or a multi-story house or barn, we have the skills necessary to complete your job safely. We also mix an appropriate cleaning solution to use in combination with the pressure washing that will allow for the best and safest clean for your roofing material.

Spruce Up Your Home Exterior

If you’re looking for ways to improve the appearance of your home, don’t forget about the roof! Though you may not think your roof could possibly be that dirty, you’ll be surprised at the difference a good power washing can do. Years of wear and tear have likely darkened your roof so much that you’ve forgotten the original color, but our roof cleaning will reveal it and improve your curb appeal. While you’re at it, why not complete the project by cleaning your siding and windows? Your entire home will look like new when we’re finished! Call us today to set up a time.

We’ve Got the Power to Clean Your Exterior Surfaces